DHTML Popup Window Creator

If you are looking for the perfect application for creating DHTML and JavaScript popup window for your pages, then please take time to read the info here.

The popup window created by Digital Flow Software will not fill up the desktop of your visitors and will not annoy them like the standard, unwanted external popups. DHTML popup window are part of your web page and are not blocked by popup blockers or killers.

By using this type of DHTML popup window maker, you can point your visitors to certain parts of your site. You don't have to rely on your visitors finding that certain link to a page you want to increase awareness of.

Using the software enables you to easily create a wide range of DHTML popup window from the very basic to the more advanced, use HTML to build your popup and you can include transparent gif's and even a flash movie, the choices are endless.

Since the short time I have been using popup window, I have been able to increase the visibility of certain pages that my visitors may otherwise have missed or not been looking for, very impressive.

Addons now available:-
Amazing Flash Video Player!
New - YouTube Modal Videos
New - Exit and Footer Ads!
New - WordPress Plugin

Advanced DHTML Popup window Features

Advanced DHTML Popup window will work with no problems in the following browsers.

  • Internet Explorer 6+
  • Netscape Navigator 5+
  • Mozilla 1+
  • Firefox 1+
  • Opera 6+
  • Safari 1+
  • Linux konqueror 3.4+

Advanced DHTML Popup has the following features for general purposes.

  • Full customization of the colors and setup of the created DHTML popup
  • Full customization of the window borders, padding, content and shadow of the DHTML Popup window
  • A range of Templates and Examples with ready made DHTML Popup window
  • Various effects for the entry and exit of the DHTML Popup window (fade-in, fade-out, slide-in, drop-down, bounce, etc.)
  • Ability to control the entry and exit of the DHTML Popup based on mouse (or other) events
  • Session Cookie control for the appearance of the DHTML Popup window
  • Ability to use Advanced DHTML Popup with dynamic pages and dynamic content
  • Support of iframes, applets, flash objects, external websites etc.
  • Tooltip effect for creating tootips and 'help' notices
  • Transparency effects
  • Auto-scrolling window (in x and y), centering (in x and y) options
  • Optional resize, move (from title and/or body), close of the produced popup
  • Time controlled popups with opening and closing optional delays
  • Ability to allow the user to move the DHTML Popup across the screen with the usual drag and drop of the mouse functionality
  • Simple WYSIWYG method of modifying the DHTML Popup properties in a preview window
  • Ability to use the DHTML Popup window in websites with frames
  • Full documentation and manual
  • Optimized DHTML popup windows for maximum loading speed
  • Support of multiple doctypes
  • Support for all major authoring tools

The authors of Advanced DHTML Popup window offer excellent support from basic queries to helping you create something special that has not yet been included in the current release.