Freecell Tips and Tricks

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Start Freecell.
1. Hold down Ctrl + Shift + F10 together.
2. A dialog box shows up with 4 choices: Abort, Win, Retry or Cancel.
3. Click Abort and move (drag) any card to the top to win the game.

1. Check this other FreeCell cheat, courtesy of Ari Lintula:
"Start a game. If you have moved a wrong card, quickly press F10 before clicking another card. It's the Undo button."
2. To sort all cards by colour and in:
- ascending order: click Game -> click Select Game (hit F3) -> click Yes to cancel game in progress -> type -1 -> click OK.
- descending order: click Game -> click Select Game (hit F3) -> click Yes to cancel game in progress -> type -2 -> click OK.

Outlook Express Easter Eggs

1. Click the Compose Message toolbar button.
2. Select Format -> Rich Text (HTML) from the menu.
3. Click on the body of the message. Select the font box, and type "athena" (without quotation marks).
4. Press Enter.
5. Close the Compose Message window.
6. Go back to the main Outlook Express window.
7. Select the Outlook Express icon, above inbox, on the left-hand side.
8. Click on an empty space between, for example, Read mail and Read News.
9. Type about. This will launch a little surprise."


This Egg works ONLY with the Windows 95 and 98 releases of Microsoft Hearts. (Mshearts.exe).
1. Run Regedit.exe (the Win9x Registry editor, located in your Win9x folder) and go to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Applets\Hearts
2. In the right hand pane add a new String and name it "zb" (no quotes).
3. Give it a value of 42.
4. Now run Mshearts.exe and during gameplay press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F12 the same time.
5. Have fun!


Start Solitaire.
In turn 3 cards over mode, you can turn over only one card at a time by holding down Ctrl+Alt+Shift
5. Have fun!

Another Soilitaire Trick.   Submitted by John Bishop

The visual reward to completing solitaire is watching the cards come flying off the ace piles like a waterfall.
With this trick you can trigger this show at any time. Simply press shift, Alt and 2 keys to score the game and start the waterfall.
A way to use this trick to get high scores is to get at least 2 aces in the ace pile as quickly as possible and then use the Shift, Alt, 2 to complete the game.
It is not unusual to get a score of over 20,000. When this happens you can nearly double the score by left clicking to stop the waterfall and when it asks if you want it to deal click on "no". Then do the shift, Alt, 2 trick again. The bonus score will be added again to the score and the waterfall will start over again. This allows you to get a score that is as high as you want it just by getting a high score and then repeatedly adding the bonus to this score.
To speed the game up and therefore get a higher score, the right click can be used to move any cards that are available to go on the ace piles onto them.

In the Vegas mode, John can almost always get a positive instead of a negative cumulative score by using the flip one card trick mentioned. In order to do this select the 3 card flip mode and hold the Shift, Ctrl, and Alt keys down the whole time and it allows you to go through the deck 3 times flipping 1 card at a time instead of once.

Minesweeper tips tricks cheat

Start Minesweeper.
After starting the game, type xyzzy and press Shift and Enter at the same time. Move the mouse over the playing area and keep your eye on the upper left corner of the Windows desktop. A white pixel will appear when the mouse pointer is over a safe square, and turn dark when the mouse is over a mine.