Web Page Icons Sets

Sets of icons which can be used on any web page, I only have 6 sets to-date but I will be adding more in the future, some of which will be smaller in size.

Right click on any button and select "Save image as".

Blue Glossy Web Icons 54 x 54.

Blue blank icon   Blue Home icon   PDF Icon   Blue DOC Icon

E-mail Icon   Phone Icon

Brown Web Page Icons 54 x 54.

Brown Blank Icon     Brown PDF Icon     Brown email Icon   Brown Phone Icon   Brown Rss Icon  


Bergundy Web Page Icons 54 x 54.

Bergundy Blank Icon   Bergundy home icon  Bergundy PDF Icon     Bergundy Doc Icon   Bergundy Phone Icon   Rss Icon  


Green Web Page Icons 54 x 54

Green glossy blank icon             Green RSS Icon   Info Icon


Red Web Page Icons 54 x 54.

  Red Home Icon   Red PDF Icon   Red DOC Icon   Red Email Web Icon     Red RSS Icon  


Orange Web Page Icons 54 x 54.

Orange Blank Icon   Orange Home   Orange PDF   Orange DOC   Orange Email Icon   Orange Phone Icon   Rss Icon  


If you use any of these free webpage icons, please save and upload them to your own server. Thankyou.