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Expanding Web Page Full Screen
You can remove the top, bottom and side page margins on a web page by adding the following code within your BODY tag.
bgcolor="#ffffff" topmargin="0" bottommargin="0" leftmargin="0" rightmargin=0
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Preformat Your Forms


The FORM tag is used to set up input forms on your web site. To properly align your forms, instead of using a table, use the <PRE> tag for the same results. Your form will be displayed exactly as you formit it within your HTML.


By preformatting your forms, not only will it save you some time, but it will also cut down on your HTML code and speed up your web sites load time.


name: input type="text"
Email: imput type="text"


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Special Characters
Have you ever wondered how you can place special characters on your page? It's easy, if you know how! There are dozens of such characters that require an HTML tag in order to display. A common one is the space tag, which allows you to add spaces between characters, images, etc. To use the space, you simply input the tag equivalent: <&nbsp;>

Other common characters that rely on HTML to display are:
© (Copyright)
° (Degree Sign)
´ (Acute accent)
¸ Cedilla
½ Fraction one-half

There are many, many more of these. For a comprehensive listing try
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Site Submission Tips


Here are two tips to help you get a good Search Engine Listing after you submit your pages.
1. - Put this line at the beginning of you Body Tag, entering the same keywords that you have in your Meta Tag.
<input type="hidden" value="keyword, keyword, keyword">
2 - Put a comments section in describing your site and using all your Keywords by using the comments Tag below.
<!-- This comments section will contain all your site info. -->


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Text Columns

Use the MULTICOL tag to create Text Columns. You can specify the number of columns by using the COLS=" " variable. You can also customise your gutter, or space surrounding the columns, by setting the GUTTER=" " variable to a pixel or percentage value. For example.


This useful tag is unfortunately Netscape-only. All other browsers ignore MULTICOL, instead formatting text in one wide column. You can use MULTICOL without conflicts, recognizing that many browsers will ignore the special formatting.


Consider using the TABLE tag instead of MULTICOL to create borderless, multiple-column text. The disadvantage of using TABLE is that it requires us to make manual column breaks. </MULTICOL> Consider using the TABLE tag instead of MULTICOL to create borderless, multiple-column text. The disadvantage of using TABLE is that it requires us to make manual column breaks.


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Your own Site Icon


Make your site stand out in your viewers Favourites List in Internet Explorer 5 and above. Sadly it does not work in Netscape......sorry.


Create an icon file called "favicon.ico", it has to be a 16-pixel square icon file use no more than 16 Windows colors. Use a Windows icon program, or use a converter to use an existing graphic by converting it to the 16x16 pixel icon. When you have made your icon file, upload it to each folder of your website so Internet Explorer can find it.
You can download a trial version of an Icon Editor at


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Animated page Openning. Explorer only

All you have to do is add this new tag to the <HEAD> section of your page.

<META http-equiv="Page-Enter" content="revealTrans(Duration=5,Transition=17)">

Where Duration is the time you want your effect to last and Transition is one of the numbers below.
0 - Shrinking Box
1 - Growing Box
2 - Shrinking Circle
3 - Growing Circle
4 - Wipes Up
5 - Wipes Down
6 - Wipes Right
7 - Wipes Left
8 - Right Moving Stripes
9 - Downward Moving Stripes
10 - Right Moving Boxes
11 - Downward Moving Boxes
12 - Dissolve Screen
13 - Horizontal Curtain Closing
14 - Horizontal Curtain Opening
15 - Vertical Curtain Closing
16 - Vertical Curtain Opening
17 - Left-Down Wipe
18 - Left-Up Wipe
19 - Right-Down Wipe
20 - Right-Up Wipe
21 - Horizontal Bars Dissolve Screen
22 - Vertical Bars Dissolve Screen
23 - Random Effect!


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Open a Link in a new Window


Did you know that while browsing, you can follow a link from a website without losing your current page by holding down the Shift Key and clicking on the new link. The new page will then open in a new window.


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The TITLE tag


Add pop-up descriptions for your links using the TITLE attribute. IE 4 and later support the title attribute of a link tag. What this does is display a pop-up balloon of sorts when a mouse is moved over a link. This attribute can be used to aid navigation on your site, by providing more information about specific links.


Here's a sample HTML code snippet:
<a href="index.html" title="Visit the Front Page of this site">Home</a>


In association with Sitepoint. Sitepoint


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Spying Cookies


For Windows IE V.4.* 5.* and 6*
In IE go to tools, select internet options. Select the security tab.
Click the restricted sites icon and then the sites button.
in add this website to zone.
[type in] *
hit add button.
[type in] *
hit add button
[type in] *
hit add button.
[type in] *
hit add button
Click Ok. on out
end of doubleclick problem and Ad-Aware or optout will never find another on your machine while these are in there.
What works for me. Have tried it for the last few days, no more spy cookies.
For greater detailed information, please click on the link below:-
GRC Find out more


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Making your Hyper links change colour when you roll your mouse over them


Place the following code between the <HEAD> and </HEAD> tags of your HTML page.


<style type="text/css">a { color: #CC0099; }a:hover { color: #0033FF; }</style>


When you roll your mouse over the Hyper Links on your page, they will change to the colour you have selected.

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